Ashley Gurney established AlcoCups Pty Ltd in 2010 with the vision to provide innovative, interactive and informative alcohol and drug education to individuals, families and communities to reduce alcohol and drug related harms.
AlcoCups are now one of Australia's leading alcohol and drug educators, developing numerous educational programs and resources. Currently AlcoCups provide services to 40 Universities in Australia as well as providing thousand's of schools with interactive resources and informative education sessions every year.
AlcoCups provides services to numerous other sectors including community health organisations (The Salvation Army), sporting bodies (WA Sports Federation), public health sectors (Victoria Police, Goulburn Valley: CoolHeads Program) and numerous other sectors.

AlcoCups and Chasers Nightclub have partnered to develop an innovative, interactive and informative alcohol and drug education program for school students and their parents/guardians, which adhere to the Australian education curriculum. In this proactive approach, the education program will increase student & parent/guardian knowledge and understanding of alcohol, drugs, support services and licensed venues. Through education, we aim to reduce alcohol and drug related issues in young people, families and their communities.

Effective drug education is centered on a harm minimisation approach. Schools are mandated to provide each student with 10 hours of drug education per year level every year.
The program is designed for secondary school students (14-18 years of age) and their parents/guardians. 

School students and parents/guardians will attend a specialised alcohol and drug education session at Chasers Nightclub, a licensed venue. 
The specialised alcohol and drug education program, 'Heading Out, Heading Home' will be delivered over 2 hours, including breaks. 
Through the course of the 2 hour session expert speakers will interact with students and parents/guardoans and take part in question and answer sessions.
Students and parents/guardians will receive education, complete activities and workshops from AlcoCups facilitators, security personal, relevant Chasers nightclub staff and local paramedics. All attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns. The program will be informative with an open discussion incentive and interactive environment.

Ashley Gurney of AlcoCups will welcome all students and guests to the pilot education program and give a brief run down of topic areas covered during the education program.
1. Security
Andrew Zheng-MacDonald from AZM Solutions and Chasers head resident security staff member will outline:

  • The role a security staff holds at a licensed venue
  • How security can assist if an issue arises
  • Identification cards
  • How Scantek operates with venue’s Australia wide
  • Detailed data retained of recorded patrons
  • Why a patron would be listed as banned person
  • Consequences of having your name on a venue ban.

2. Alcohol
Ashley Gurney of AlcoCups will cover topics that include:

  • Standard drinks and blood alcohol concentration (B.A.C.)
  • Effects of intoxication
  • Harms and risks of alcohol
  • Changing alcohol culture, binge drinking and being a non drinker
  • Scenarios to highlight looking after their mates
  • Harms and risks of alcohol use, using fatal vision goggles to highlight dangers of intoxication.

3. Role of the Licensed Venue
Martha Tsamis, Proprietor and Jodi Szoeke, Manager of Chasers nightclub

  • Role of bar staff, security and management in a venue and how they can assist
  • Australian alcohol statistics
  • Dealing with parents and authorities
  • Recording of incidents
  • Getting home safely and what to do in the case of an emergency.

4. Police
A person with police experience, Bill Horman, will speak on:

  • The role of police and the law
  • Fines for alcohol related matters
  • How the police can assist
  • The role of police at venues/events/parties.

5. Drugs
Ashley Gurney of AlcoCups will speak on topics including:

  • The 3 Drug Categories (Depressants, Stimulants & Hallucinogens)
  • Different types of drugs and which categories they belong to
  • Symptoms of drug use to include immediate short and long term effects
  • Cost of Illicit Drugs on the streets and Drug Slang
  • Drink Spiking (activity and outline how alcohol is commonly used to drink spike)
  • Effects of drugs: Immediate, Short and Long Term
  • What are in Illicit Drugs and Why (including effects on the body).

6. Ambulance and Paramedics
A current paramedic from Ambulance Victoria, will speak on:

  • How to assist a friend if they are in trouble
  • What to do and who to phone
  • Looking after your mates

AlcoCups have previously collated more than 11,500 of similar surveys over the past 3 years from other University sessions.
For the pilot program ‘Heading Out, Heading Home’, AlcoCups will be handing out pre and post questionnaires. The questionnaires will require students to answer specific questions to assess their retention of material and also provide feedback regarding the program.

It is our commitment and intention to have the social marketing department of the Griffith University team to undertake a scientific evaluation that will be reported in a reputable academic journal.
A pre-online module survey and post online questionnaire will be conducted with each school attending the Heading Out, Heading Home program, to ascertain knowledge within-subject attitude and behavioral intention.
We endeavor to have all future surveys conducted online, prior to commencement of the Heading Out, Heading Home program. Future participation of schools attending the Heading Out, Heading Home education program will provide participating students with an assigned, personalised eight-digit code ensuring anonymity.
The identification codes will be used to match, pre and post-data at an individual level. The research design and evaluation, measures used and data analysis procedures to evaluate the program and will follow the procedures reported by Rundle-Thiele, Russell-Bennett, Leo and Dietrich (2013).

At the conclusion of the program each student will undertake a questionnaire and receive an information pack.
Information packs will contain numerous AlcoCups resources (an AlcoCup, magnets, wallet cards and further info regarding alcohol, drugs, mental health, identification cards, transportation, support services and other numerous, relevant information.