The Online Alcohol Educational Module is an interactive educational resource designed to change alcohol culture and reduce harm. The non-accredited course aims to further increase knowledge of 5 specific alcohol topics whilst assessing users Pre & Post knowledge and attitudes towards alcohol.

AlcoCups Online Alcohol Module has been supported by Griffith University who will independently analyse the data to determine the impact this approach has towards users knowledge and attitudes. Furthermore Senator Glenn Lazarus has also thrown his support behind this AlcoCups initiative to reduce alcohol related harm, including alcohol fuelled violence.

The specific alcohol topic areas which the online module focuses on includes:

  • Standard Drinks
  • B.A.C. (blood alcohol concentration)
  • Water Safety & Alcohol Statistics
  • Effects & Harms of Alcohol
  • Assistance & Support for Alcohol Related Issues.

The Online Alcohol Module can be completed on smartphone devices, tablets, laptops and PCs. Users can complete the module in their own time and at their own pace. The module takes around 20-35 minutes to complete.

Furthermore the 'Online Alcohol Module' enables organisations (workplaces, universities, schools, sporting clubs etc) to highlight expectations and attitudes towards alcohol.

Upon completion of the online alcohol modules 5 topic areas users receive a certificate via email. Nominated staff (managers) will have Admin access which enables them to view who has and has not completed the module.

AlcoCups and Griffith University Alcohol Research Team have developed a specialised evaluation program which has been built into the Online Alcohol Module. This enables participating organisations to review data (Pre and Post completion of the module) regarding users alcohol knowledge and attitudes towards alcohol.

Online Alcohol Educational Module
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