Alcohol & Drug Education Sessions for Uni RA’s/Student Leaders

Training increases student leader’s abilities to deliver information to fellow residents and students. Training, delivered over 3 hours, is innovative, interactive and informative, focussing on alcohol and drug topics.

Topic areas for alcohol include Standard Drinks, Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C.), Alcohol Statistics, Harms and Risks of alcohol (using Fatal Vision Goggles). Topic areas for drugs include the 3 Drug Categories, Symptoms of drugs, Different types of drugs (cannabis, ecstasy, ice, GHB, pharmaceuticals) immediate, short and long term effects of illicit drugs, what products are used to create drugs and the effects on the body.

Training accommodates a maximum of 50 participants, with student leaders participating in numerous interactive activities throughout the training. Activities include standard drink pouring, understanding B.A.C., harms and risks of alcohol using the Fatal Vision Goggles, Drug categories and types, what are illicit drugs made from.

Note: AlcoCups can tailor make a training program to address the specific issues relevant to your specific college and university. Contact AlcoCups directly to discuss further.

Cost: $895 (ex GST) per session (regardless of numbers). Travel expenses may be incurred depending on location.

Note: AlcoCups provide training Australia wide.

To Book: send an email to
or phone 0488551543