The ‘Alcohol Accreditation’ Program, UniCAN, is a national initiative between ADES Australia and the Australasian Association of College and Housing Officers (AACUHO) to Change Alcohol Norms in university residential properties.

The program aims to create and implement a holistic behavioral change model in universities to reduce alcohol related incidents and promote responsible drinking.

The Accreditation program comprises a set of national standards for university residential service providers to achieve and maintain. The program comprises of 3 levels of accreditation, with each service required to commence at entry level 1. Each participating service has 12 months to achieve a level of accreditation, with AlcoCups staff regularly in contact to assist and support each participating service. Furthermore when a university residential service is working towards a Level 2 accreditation they must also continue to maintain the outlined Level 1 industry standards of accreditation. 

Below is a list of outcomes which UniCAN aims to achieve with each participating university residential service: 

·         Raise awareness and educate staff and students in relation to drugs and alcohol

·         Promote responsible drinking

·         Reduce alcohol related incidents

·         Encourage non-alcoholic alternatives

·         Promote an institution wide approach to alcohol and drug management

·         Identify opportunities for development and improvement

·         Change alcohol culture and attitudes 

In October 2014 the UniCAN: Changing Alcohol Norms, pilot program was launched with 6 participating residential service providers. All 6 of the participating residential service providers obtained their Level 1 status in October 2015.

Since October 2015 more than 100+ university residential service providers have joined the UniCAN Alcohol Accreditation Program. Furthermore the program has expanded into New Zealand, with all 10 residential sites at the University of Auckland joining the program.

UniCAN is an ideal program to promote proactive approaches to addressing alcohol related issues. Furthermore AlcoCups provide on going support, advice and assistance to further develop existing and future alcohol education in each respective university residential service.

If your Residential Service or University would like further information or to take part in this program please contact AlcoCups directly on 0488551543 or email us contact@alcocups.com