Customised Online Induction & Training

ADES are experts in developing interactive customised online induction and training modules for university residential sites and the wider university community. Currently ADES have developed online induction and training modules for 159 university residential sites in Australia and New Zealand, with approximately 80,000 students having used this platform in 2019.

Implementing online induction and training establishes cultural expectations, values and beliefs prior to students arriving. Students are required (in some instances contractually obligated) to complete specific topics, relating to their respective residential site and wider university community, prior to arriving and receiving their keys.

Furthermore, residential sites and university’s can roll out specific topics throughout the year, such as well-being topics prior to exams, to further reduce harm, promote values, beliefs and positively influence culture.

Features of the ADES Customised Induction & Training

ADES have built the Online Induction and Training from the ground up, which enables an array of features other organisations are unable to provide. These features include:

  • Rolling Video Background Screens: place your own site footage as a rolling background screen

  • Complete Customisation: place your own logos, photos, videos, PDFs and staff information in respective topic areas

  • Multi-lingual Capabilities: ideal for high international cohorts

  • Smart Phone Accessible: the online induction and training is designed to be completed on smart phones & devices

  • Editor Feature: allows respective residential & university staff to edit content, images, videos & PDFs at any stage

  • In Built Email Reminder: once students are signed up they receive regular email reminders to complete the induction & training

  • Advanced Admin Access: staff can view, in live time, students completion rates & search specific students data accordingly

  • Downloadable Spreadsheet: with a click of a button staff can download an excel spreadsheet with all students completion rates

  • Research & Data Analysis: ability for ADES to implement research and data analysis systems to review specific topics

  • 24/7 Support Service for Staff & Students: contact our IT team, via email, at any time for assistance

  • Ongoing Updates & Development: continual development & upgrades to further enhance the user experience and engagement

  • Ability to Add Staff Specific Training Topics: build specific topics for staff training and development

Each respective residential site and university has the ability to create there own specific topics for students to complete.

Topis areas may include:

  • Community Standards & Expectations

  • Diet, Exercise & Sleep Strategies

  • Mental Health & Well-Being

  • Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment & Consent

  • Respect, Now, Always

  • Fire Safety & Security

  • Residential Life Program

  • Alcohol & Drugs

  • On Site Support Services

The online induction modules are designed for use on smart phone devices and laptops.

Benefits of the Customised Online Induction & Training

The ADES customised online induction & training module has many great benefits for students and the respective university and residential sites.

Please find below a list of these benefits, as outlined by our existing users:

  • Establishes culture and expectations prior to students arriving on site.

  • Smoother transition period for students which establishes a connection between students, the respective residential site & wider university prior to commencing university.

  • Reduction in incidents, specifically in the first 4 weeks, such as lockouts, fire alarms, property damage, alcohol & drug related matters, mental health & well-being.

  • Complete build control, the ADES team will work with relevant staff to ensure the online induction and training repressents the respective residential site and university.

  • Independently hosted on a separate web server to ensure privacy and security of student’s data.

  • Easy to use administration features to view, in real time, students progress and completion of the induction and training module topics.

  • Customised interface, including rolling video, to include the logo and design of the residential site and university.

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Each customised online induction & training will receive a detailed quote for the initial build/development, depending on features and requirements, as outlined by each individual university residential site and wider university. This price can vary from as little as $3,350 ex GST.

Ongoing costs include annual web hosting fees (approx $350 ex GST per site) and individual per user login fees (from $3.50 ex GST for large number of expected user logins).

Please contact Ashley Gurney, Managing Director and Founder, for a detailed quote on 0488551543 or

Further Information & FREE Trial

For any further information or a FREE trial of our generic online induction module please contact Ashley on 0488551543 or