Mental Well Being: Strategies for Staff

ADES are proud to announce our new program 'Mental Well Being: Strategies for Staff' designed to strengthen staff abilities to identify symptoms and implement positive approaches to changing the stigma associated with Mental Illness. 

Delivered and developed by Michael Donehue (ADES National Services Manager) the session is inspiring, motivational and engaging. Michael discusses his own journey with Mental Illness, how to move forward and achieve goals. Topics Michael covers include:

  • Outlining triggers for mental health
  • Symptoms to look out for (ourselves and others)
  • Importance of positive relationships (family, friends, work & community)
  • Strategies when discussing mental health: appropriate & positive language
  • Diet & exercise
  • Where to go for help, assistance & advice 
  • Further support services 

Duration: The 'Mental Well Being: Strategies for Staff' program is a 60-90 minute session, delivered on sight (your own organisation). As many as 400 staff can attend this session, however we recommend smaller groups in order to increase individual participation and engagement.

Cost: $ 635 includes GST,  irrespective if how many staff attend the session. Based on location, travel expenses will apply, contact ADES directly to obtain the travel expense. 

To Book: Please contact ADES directly via email,, or phone 0488551543.


True to the AlcoCups/ADES method of engaging with residents the Mental Health talk provided residents with a good understanding of mental health and the various ways people may suffer or seek help. With the presenter being someone who has experienced mental health firsthand the topic had more impact. The presenter was able to illicit conversation and questions which had benefits for the group and facilitated in some helpful answers being addressed in an open and safe forum. I look forward to incorporating this program into future offerings at my site.

Fiore Costa

Acting Student Residence Manager

Weerona College & Gundi | Accommodation Services

University of Wollongong

For further information regarding the session please feel free to contact ADES