#MyMorningsMatter Program

What Is #MyMorningsMatter

The #MyMorningsMatter concept aims to further increase individual’s well-being and mental health by providing engaging morning activities. Check out the video below for more information.

Benefits of the #MyMorningsMatter Program

·        Increases connectedness and motivation.

·        Numerous activities which appeal to all types of individuals.

·        Inclusive program which bridges gaps between cultures, religion, gender, social stereotypes and academic groups.

·        Increases individual well being and sense of achievement.

·        Increases fitness levels in a relatively short space of time.

·        Can target a specific area of concern, such as: Mental Health Issues, Alcohol Fueled Violence, Health & Well Being.

·        Development of positive life skills: diet, exercise and sleep.

Who Can Implement The #MyMorningsMatter Program?

#MyMorningsMatter is a holistic program designed to be implemented and promoted by any organisation. Individuals of all ages, genders, nationalities and cultural backgrounds can participate to increase their well-being and mental health.

Duration of the #MyMorningsMatter Program

Organisations have the option of implementing the #MyMorningsMatter Program for either 1 week or for 1 year. For further information of what each program option entails contact ADES directly via email contact@alcocups.com or phone 0488551543.

 Cost to Implement #MyMorningsMatter

#MyMorningsMatter Year Long Program: From $10,000 ex GST, contact ADES for the year long program outline and an official quote based on the size and requirements of your organisation.


#MyMorningsMatter Week: $1,950 ex GST, per site

Organisations receive the following resources and support from ADES for the #MMM Week:

·         1 x ADES staff member site visit to assist in running a morning activity

·         5 x Login Codes for #MyMorningsMatter Online Program (activity outlines, weblinks, images  & other relevant info)

·         100 x #MMM silicone wrist bands

·         50 x #MMM Standard Drink Magnets

·         20 x #MMM Lanyards

·         10 x #MMM Shoelaces

·         5 x #MMM Trucker Caps

·         2 x #MMM Sublimated Exercise Shirts (for facilitators of the activities)

·         1 x #MMM Scroll Banner (1500mm x 600mm)

NOTE: Extra merchandise can be purchased for an additional fee


Hi all,

If your in the tertiary accommodation industry, you would be fully aware that managing the culture within your college or halls goes a long way to the level of success and enjoyment that your residents will experience while living with you.

For me the #mymorningsmatter program/activities/whatever you want to call it is a great means to have a proactive positive impact on your culture.

Why?  It can appeal to everybody. Is it for the active, the studious, the caffeine addicted and every other type out there.

The program is simple. It is peer led and encouraged. It can match any interest group, and the message is simple. Make your mornings matter. Get out of bed, get moving for the day and don't spend the night before out til all hours as you will miss out on the best bits of the day

While other programs like "hello Sunday morning" have proven massively successful in changing behavior. #mymorningsmatter takes it to the next level. It is holistic and all encouraging. It is not just about one cohort and one day. We all think red frogs are fantastic, but they are about harm minimisation. This is a tool to change culture from within. Not to manage it.

Nothing is off limits with #mymorningsmatter, rather everything is in scope. If you want to positively and proactively impact your community, no other program from my experience has the scope and breadth for doing good for the long term than #mymorningsmatter

James Kelly
Manager, Residence Life
Charles Sturt University.


For further information contact ADES directly via email contact@alcocups.com or phone Ash on 0488551543.. Lets place a focus for 2017 about feeling great about ourselves and helping others increase their well being #mymorningsmatter