Alcohol & Drug Info Sessions for 1st Year Residents

The specially designed alcohol and drug information sessions are an ideal way to further educate 1st year residents regarding the dangers of alcohol and illicit drugs. 

Sessions are an ideal way to enforce you residential services expectations and stand point regarding alcohol and illicit drugs.

The session duration is between 60-90 minutes, which can be tailor made to suit the specific requirements of each individual residential service.

In true AlcoCups fashion, all sessions are innovative, interactive and informative.

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Topic areas covered include:


·     Standard Drinks - understanding of what a standard drink is, different types of alcohol types, how to deliver an interactive and engaging standard drink activity. Tips for counting Standard Drinks

·          Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.) - understanding the concept of B.A.C. and how alcohol enters the blood stream. How alcohol is processed in the body, different body types regarding B.A.C. levels and how B.A.C. is calculated. How to deliver an interactive and informative B.A.C. activity to increase individuals knowledge of B.A.C. using BAC Wallet Cards and the FREE YourBAC App

·        Australian Alcohol Statistics - outlining different stats to indicate the importance of respecting alcohol. How to deliver alcohol statistics which creates discussion amongst a target audience.

·     Binge Drinking/Pre-loading - understanding what binge drinking is and what the immediate, short and long term effects are. Ways to reduce binge drinking in specific target groups (17-30 yrs).

·        Identifying cues and symptoms of intoxication: how to go from being a Bystander to a Helper.

·      Harms and Risks of Alcohol - using Fatal Vision Goggles to deliver interactive, innovative and informative education about the dangers of alcohol consumption.


·        The 3 Drug Categories - understanding what the 3 drug categories are and what makes each category different from the others. How to deliver an interactive and informative activity about the 3 drug categories and different types of drugs.

·       Different Types of Common Illicit Drugs - identifying the most common types of illicit drugs (Cannabis, Ecstasy, Ice, Speed, GBH and a few others). Understanding some of the basic characteristics of these drugs and the symptoms individuals experience immediately, short and long term when using such substances.

·       Symptoms of Drug Use - using a clip from the movie 'The Basketball Diaries' as an activity to outline symptoms of drug use. This enables group conversation and discussion for the target audience.

·        Drink Spiking - implementing an interactive and informative activity, using the Fatal Vision Goggles, to address the topic of drink spiking. The activity promotes ways of reducing the likelihood of drink spiking occurring to the individual and their friends.

·       What are in Illicit Drugs - understanding what is commonly used to manufacture illicit drugs in Australia and why these products are being used. How to deliver an interactive and informative activity using the 'Drug Table' to outline the products used and why they are used to make illicit drugs. 

Cost: $625 ex GST, Travel expenses will apply based on location.

Note: Information sessions are delivered on site and a maximum of 300 residents can attend a session.