“The training provided was interactive and informative, and we received very positive feedback from our student leadership group.”

La Trobe University
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“I think the messages which Alcocups presents to our students are invaluable in assisting them to make good and appropriate decisions when drinking alcohol (and indeed after they have drunk alcohol).

The interactive program helps the students engage with the concepts for deeply than ‘just another lecture’ – and from my perspective the use of peers as the presenters of the program makes it even more valuable as a tool in helping our students learn to make better decisions around alcohol.”

Monash Residential Services
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“AlcoCups presented fun, informative and interactive sessions on Drug & Alcohol use/issues to employees who had a varied knowledge of the information that was presented to them.

Our employees who attended received a surprising insight into the contents used to make illicit drugs, and left with new knowledge in regards to BAC levels and alcohol awareness.”

Goulburn Valley Water
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“What we experienced was far beyond my expectations; probably the most effective, most engaging and relevant professional learning our staff have had.The training was interactive, based on research, data and statistics, designed for secondary school staff, accessible, interesting and fun.”

Wallan Secondary College
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“AlcoCups will be providing specialised training for all staff, including lesson plans and ongoing support. AlcoCups will also assist the wider Assumption College community (students and families) with education and information sessions to be confirmed at a later date in the school year.”

Assumption College, Kilmore
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“Your presence on the evening throughout the activities, in particular the question panel provided both Yea School Staff and parents the tools to discuss drugs and alcohol and their effects with our students and their children.

Your experience and expertise in the field of drugs and alcohol is excellent and enabled us to deliver the program to a high standard.”

Yea High School
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"BMF is currently collaborating with Alcocups and the volunteer program to provide breath testing at Universities and residential events, which coincides with educating youth on the front line. 

This collaboration between all parties will strengthen cultural change regarding alcohol in Victoria."

Blow Me First
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"AlcoCups innovative, interactive and informative approach enables students to retain valuable information and implement strategies regarding alcohol and drugs.

More importantly, AlcoCups training and resources empower residents to pass on information and strategies to fellow residents (Peer to Peer Model)."

Red Frogs Australia
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"Alcocups' extensive experience adds credibility to the alcohol awareness sessions and we look forward to a continued relationship as we provide people with alcohol awareness education so they can make informed decisions."

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