National Research Program into Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment


In light of the findings from the AHRC Change the Course Report, ADES have developed a university targeted ethically approved online research program into sexual assault and sexual harassment. The ethically approved online research program aims to significantly change the current climate of sexual assault and sexual harassment in Australian universities and residential affiliated site/s.

The online research program will be academically assessed by Social Marketing @ Griffith University. The ethically approved pre and post survey, developed by Social Marketing @ Griffith, will assess cultural change throughout Australian universities and university residential sites.

An annual report will be developed by Social Marketing @ Griffith University (SM@G) and delivered for each year of the research program. Each participating university and residential site will receive an individual annual report from SM@G. This will enable each participating site to benchmark themselves against a national average.

Which Residential Sites & Universities Can Implement the Online Research Program?

The online research program has been developed to ensure that any university or university residential site, regardless of size, can participate.

Universities and residential sites are not required to already have an ADES induction module. The research program can be added into existing external/internal online modules, programs or systems (discussion with the ADES IT developers will occur to find the best implementation outcome). An implementation and development fee will be incurred for this service.

ADES staff will provide the respective residential site or university with a detailed quote, as requested, based on the requirements outlined.


Students/residents will complete the online research program prior to their university course or residential tenancy commencing for the respective year.

Students/residents will be required to complete the ethically approved post survey 4-6 weeks after commencing their university course or residential.


The online ethically approved research program will be conducted over 5 years, with future and existing residents/students to commence the module in October 2018. The timeframe will enable the data to be assessed professionally and academically, measuring the impact on norms, attitudes, knowledge, intentions and behaviour regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Online Research Program Pre and Post Survey

Social Marketing @ Griffith University (SM@G) will independently develop the ethically approved survey questions based on the AHRC Report: Change the Course.

Expected Data Size

ADES aim to have approximately 50,000 students complete the online research program in the 1st 12 months of the ethically approved research program. Furthermore, ADES expect these numbers to increase over the duration of the 5 year research program.

Confidentiality and Privacy of Data & Information

ADES will ensure all data is stored on a secure and private web browser with the appropriate security settings and programs. ADES will provide participating residential sites and universities with a contractual agreement ensuring all information will not be shared with other organisations.

Participating sites agree to all data being collated into an annual report, ADES will not disclose which residential sites and universities participated in the research program.

Cost for Participating Residential Site and University

Fee per user login of the Pre & Post Survey & Ethically Approved Annual Data Report from SM@G (based on the number of students per site):

ADES will charge a user login fee and annual data report fee each year for the duration of the program. These are outlined in detail in the table below

University/Residential Site Size                        COST $ Per User                              Cost $ Per Annual Report

001-199 students                                                 $3.64 ex GST                                    $1,750 ex GST

200-499 students                                               $3.18 ex GST                                     $2,250 ex GST

500-999 students                                               $2.73 ex GST                                    $2,750 ex GST

1000-1999 students                                            $2.50 ex GST                                   $3,375 ex GST

2000-2999 students                                          $2.27 ex GST                                    $4,000 ex GST

3000+ students                                                   Quoted upon by request                 Quoted upon by request



The online research program will consist of an ethically approved Pre and Post survey, developed by Griffith University’s research team, which will quantitively measure the impact of changing students’ knowledge, norms, attitudes and behaviours.

Each year the Griffith University Social Marketing Research team will compile a detailed review of the data from all participating sites which will be released to the public. Note, this document will not disclose which institutions participated in the research study.

Furthermore, each participating site will receive their own data report to assess their own specific cultural change regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment. This information will not be shared by ADES to any external institutions or other organisations.


For further information please contact Ashley Gurney on 0488551543 or