About Us

Specialised Alcohol & Drug Education Programs

AlcoCups specialise in delivering innovative, interactive and informative alcohol and drug education.  Furthermore AlcoCups are one of Australia's leading organisations in developing alcohol educational resources.

AlcoCups aim is to further increase individuals, families and communities understanding of alcohol and drugs to reduce harm. 

AlcoCups offer flexibiilty in delivering alcohol and drug education, catering for specific target audiences and group sizes.  As well as focussing on a specific topic of interest as requested (B.A.C., Binge Drinking, Ice and the effects ect).

A strong focus on interactive activities is at the centre of the AlcoCups specialised training programs.  Activities have been developed using the latest in alcohol and drug educational tools, enabling participants to engage throughout the program, strengthening their understanding during and after the session.

Please contact AlcoCups for any enquiries regarding the programs or having a program developed to cater for your needs.